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Default Re: Story Of Kasautii Zindagii Kay

Rishab Bajaj's a.k.a Prerna Husband's Return

Just before the wedding, Rishabh Bajaj arrives and it is said that he has lost his memory. Prerna's happiness knows no bounds now. Anurag is heartbroken yet again when he realises that Prerna's love for Rishabh is above everything else. Stress and tension could cause Mr.Bajaj to go back to coma so family decides not to tell him his real idenity. Bajaj stays overnight at the Bajaj mansion and leaves early morning thinking so he wouldn't a burden on Prerna. Anurag brings back RB. Prerna thanks anurag for helping her to get together with her lover, apologises to anurag for neglecting and ignoring him completely after Mr Bajaj's return and tells him that they would stay friends now.

A Bond Between Nihaal and P2

Nihaal and P2 are now friends. The Basu-Bajaj Family go over to the Garewal mansion for a Pooja (A Way of Worshiping Different Gods for a Purpose) , there RB feels a little uncomfortable and decides to sit in the corner and read the newspaper. He realises that his wanted poster hasn't been posted. RB decides to stepout of the Pooja and ask Tushar about it, He reaches the Bajaj mansion and there the servants tell him that Tushar is in the store room (Attic). He goes up to the attic for Tushar(little does he know that he had already left). Rb turns the light on and the plug gives him a little shock and he falls to the ground right in front of AP who followed him up to the attic.

Bajaj Gets His Idenity Back

He has car accident that when he gets his memory back.

Prerna tells the truth!

Mr.Bajaj puts Anurag in jail because of the misunderstanding.

Mr.Bajaj Gets his memory back?

Did he get his memory back or is he faking.

The Evil Scheme

What is up with Mr.Bajaj? Blaming Anurag and acting nice,and the other woman. He is Mr. Bajaj, but all this time he was faking that he lost his memory. He is Dhanraj and Bajaj which all along wants to destroy Prerna and Anurag. Now a lot of questions- Will Bajaj ever know that he misunderstood his wife? Will Prerna ever know that the man she worships is trying to destroy her?
Bajaj and Komolika, The Evil Scheme Continued...
Bajaj and Komolika are now partners in crime. They planned it all to screw Anurag into accepting that he is Dhanraj Kapoor. But Prerna comes to know the bitter truth of Komolika's plan and how she has used Bajaj to carry out her work. Bajaj learns of Komolika's cruel intentions and is deeply angered over the fact that he had trusted her. He threatens Komolika to keep away from his family and his children's lives. Feeling guilty, Bajaj asks for forgiveness from both Anurag and Prerna for hurting them without knowing the truth. Bajaj and Prerna re-unite with their family.

Rudraksh Arrives...

The son of Prem and Palchin arrives.(Actually Prem & Devki)
Tara gets a purposal from a rich and equally respected family and the Bajaj-Basu family accepts it but Rud is kind of uncertain about taking this decision. Meanwhile something is going about with Palchin and giving Rud sleeping tablets. Prerna finds out and investigates...It appears that Palchin and Devki had contact in the past and Devki is the mother of Rudraksh...Tara gets maried. Devki comes back and Rudraksh is in deep shock after knowing the truth. Komolika sets up Tara, She splits up with her husband and now she wants a divorce from him. Meanwhile Prem still has feeling for Devki and is not paying much attention to Plachin. P2 is to have her twins and Tara wants a divorce from Mirudul...Meanwhile palchin wants Rud to spend time with his mom=Devki and Tushar gets arrested but gets a bail afterwards with the help of Anu. P2 gives birth to a baby boy and a baby girl, all are happy. Taara forgives Mirdul and they reunite.


On the anniversary of Rishab Bajaj and Prerna, they spend time with each other but after a while Komolika comes in and shoots Mr.Bajaj on his head.
In the next episode, After a 3 years leap we see Prem writing a book "Kasautii Zindagii Kay". After writing he goes towards a samadhi and it is shown that Palchinn died in a accident while conveying a message that Devki is alive. Now Prem and Devki are together. Devki calls him for the Release of his book but he says he has to bring someone. He goes to a Mental Asyulum where Mr.Bajaj is admitted. He takes Mr.Bajaj with him to conference. There he tells what really happened on that night.
We get to know that after Bajaj was shot in his head by a bullet by Komolika, he was taken to a hospital by Prerna and undergoes an operation and dotors declare the operation to be successful. Anurag comes to the hospital then and tells Prerna that he will take one last step to finish Komolika. Anurag goes and meets Komolika in a hill cliff which was very cold and was snowing as well. Prerna follows him and reaches the cliff. Komolika and Anurag has a cat-fight in the edge of the cliff. Prerna rushes to save Anurag. But Komolika had a gun and shot Prerna and herself falls from the cliff and dies. After the gun-shot Prerna dies as well. Anurag embraces her tight and stays like that night-long and dies in the heavy snowing as well. Next day morning the dead bodies of Prerna, Anurag and Komolika were discovered. Prerna and Anurag get re-united after they die.
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Default Re: Story Of Kasautii Zindagii Kay

It was good in the begining but became very boring after 200 episodes.
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Default Re: Story Of Kasautii Zindagii Kay

Thank you for sharing the stories of serials like Kasuti Jindagi ke and Kyonki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi. Star Plus has been showing the best serials and these are mostly liked by people.
Star Plus Serials
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Default Re: Story Of Kasautii Zindagii Kay

The whole tv show is funny all chracters are mad. I dont like this show.
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